NuvoBarcelona winner of “European Property Awards”


What are the Property Awards?

The Property Awards are awards granted internationally that encompass the different areas of the property and Real Estate industries, from development and architecture, to marketing and interior design.

The awards are divided by regions: Africa, Pacific Asia, Arabia, Canada, the Carribbean, Central and South America, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Every participant is placed in a team of experienced professionals, covering every step of the real estate cycle. The contestants are selected by the organizers of the International Property Awards based on their experience in a variety of disciplines related to design, development, and the commercialisation of property.

The prize

We are proud to announce that NuvoBarcelona has won the prize of “International Property Award” in the buildings category.

A Property Award is recognised worldwide for their honesty and ethics in representing more about the best companies of the world’s real estate sector.

The prizes are awarded for quality of design, construction, presentation of individual properties, real estate developments, interiors, architecture, and commercialisation.

At NuvoBarcelona we strive to guarantee the highest quality in everything we do, seeking excellence, ethics and commitment in all our actions.