Meeting with the Russian women's community


The event

On March the 8th of 2019, International Women's Day, a meeting of the Russian women's community of Barcelona took place at the Hotel Alma in Barcelona. The emotive event consisted of an interesting networking that was attended by 30 Russian businesswomen, residents of Barcelona who presented their business projects.

The Russian women's community

The event was organized by Aksana Niamkovich and Isabel Juncosa. Aksana Niamkovich is a Clinical Psychologist and Founder of the European School of Integral Psychotechnologies ESoIP. With an interesting professional trajectory, she has directed the magazine TOP RUSS of national scope, with interesting content for the Russian group resident in Spain.

The guests were entrepreneurs as well as businesswomen and business investors, Russian women who live in Barcelona and who presented their projects in an intimate breakfast that took place in an atmosphere of trust.

Attendees discovered a multitude of projects ranging from creative tourism to practical guides for buying diamonds. With a great variety of business projects, the event proved to be very enriching on both a personal and professional level.

The Russian women's community & NuvoBarcelona

NuvoBarcelona participated in the Social Business Networking being a company committed to women, attending as a sponsor with two of its employees in communication and marketing, and the CEO.

This collaboration arose from the desire to bet on the figure of the businesswoman, as well as to generate a link with the Russian community.

Fully supporting women workers and entrepreneurs, NuvoBarcelona pledged as sponsor of the event and presented its most outstanding projects.

With a higher proportion of women in its staff, NuvoBarcelona positions itself as a company Committed to Women in the Workplace. From the company, on March the 8th and every day, we fight for real equality between men and women.

On the other hand, we are an international society that supports diverse cultural causes of international organizations and collectives. In this case, the Russian community is present in the daily life of the company due to our Russian customers, owners and investors.

Moreover, the venue of the event, the Alma Hotel, also represented a suitable place given that we share common values. We bet for high-quality projects with soul and authenticity. We prioritize the selected events with very outstanding causes.

For all these reasons, the Russian women's networking and NuvoBarcelona built a unique partnership, a collaboration with strong bonds in which both parties encouraged each other.