The 'Café-croissants' event at our coworking TuróDiagonal


What is the Café-croissants event?

The concept of "Café-croissants" is to bring together a part of the French-speaking community in Barcelona, every month for free, around an intimate breakfast composed of coffee and croissants -and a few more sweets-. The aim is to meet new people, create working and personal bonds, exchange practical and professional information, all while having breakfast in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

The idea is simple: the host provides coffee and tea and the participants bring croissants, cakes, juices, fruits, etc.

On each occasion, an entrepreneur (freelancer, creator, self-employed) or a company opens its premises during the morning privately for the event. It is an opportunity for the entrepreneur to showcase their business and activity, to talk about it in a small group, and to make synergistic connections with potential clients.

For the attendees it represents an opportunity to socialize, network, and get to know new businesses and professionals who speak their own language - especially if they are newly arrived in Barcelona.

And finally, the "Café-croissants" organization allows its members to develop their events for free, and gain exposure to different companies and activities, all while having a great time.

In short, it is a union that benefits all the parties of the collaboration.

The French community

The guests are both entrepreneurs and businesspeople, French men and women who have lived in Barcelona - some here for a long time and others recently arrived. As a result, attendees discover a multitude of projects, in an entertaining way and with people of the same roots and culture.

This event enhances the integration of newcomers to Barcelona, and adds to the continuous diversity for those who have been living here longer.

In addition, many of them share the same concerns. For example, they take their children to the same school -the French Lyceum- and can create projects or debate particular topics based on specific shared needs.

A perfect partnership

On this occasion, NuvoBarcelona played host for the October event in its wonderful TuróDiagonal workspace, a coworking space with panoramic views.

There are several French freelancers working in TuróDiagonal, so it represents an ideal place to start an activity and socialize, while it also avoids the costs of running a complete office.

NuvoBarcelona’s founder Arad Edrey-Lavie has French roots and likewise supports French events in Barcelona.

Hosting “Cafè-croissant” was an ideal way to present NuvoBarcelona's services, and to explain our housing possibilities with the help of our multilingual staff who speak French, among other languages. Being assisted in your own language is especially useful and convenient when you have just arrived.

The event was enriching on both a personal and a business level. It was a great success and social exchange for everyone. The organization "Café-croissants", the French community, and NuvoBarcelona have formed an exceptional partnership, a collaboration with strong ties in which all parties encourage each other.