Our journey


In 2004, after working in the tech sector for prestigious companies in multiple countries, Arad Edrey-Lavie moved with his wife to Barcelona because “it is the most european city of the Mediterranean, and the most mediterranean city of Europe.”

Real estate had always been his passion and he was still very young when he made his first investments. He was told to “do for others what you do so well for yourself”, and one day he decided to convert his hobby into an entrepreneurial endeavour.

In 2014 NuvoBarcelona was founded to rehabilitate ancient buildings with art, transforming them as diamonds from the rough. NuvoBarcelona, like the imagery of “Art Nouveau”, uses the art of renovation to create cutting edge homes with a soul.

Arad Edrey-Lavie


If a building becomes architecture, then it is art.


Arne Jacobsen