OHLALÀ! A spectacular partnership


NuvoBarcelona had the pleasure of being one of the official sponsors of the second edition of Ohlalà!, the Francophone film festival of Barcelona.

This partnership arose from NuvoBarcelona's desire to bet on culture and art in the Catalan capital, as well as to generate a bond with the culture and French-speaking community in the city.

The synergies between the two are clear. First of all, Arad Edrey-Lavie, the founder of the Real Estate-boutique group, has French and Israeli origins, and seeks to support French cultural activities in Barcelona both personally and professionally.

In addition, from NuvoBarcelona we share values such as attention to detail, high quality standards and, above all, the fascination to preserve the authenticity and essence of what we are passionate about: films and homes.

The worldwide recognition of the cinematographic works screened at the festival also reflects the international character of NuvoBarcelona, with clients, owners and investors from all over the world.

What is Oh lalà?

Ohlalà! is the first French-speaking festival held in Barcelona city. For a week, the Institut français and the Texas Cinemas (meeting places) open their doors to film lovers to project a selection of unpublished French works and a retrospective dedicated to a French-speaking director. In its last edition was the charming director, actress and artist Agnès Jaoui.

Its purpose

The aim of the festival is "to pay tribute to the diversity of views on the world that French-language cinema brings and to the range of emotions it evokes". The event seeks to highlight the essence of French-language cinema and the quality of its works to the Barcelona public, screening them with subtitles in Spanish and Catalan.

The pieces shown are part of the best recent French-language cinema. Many of them were awarded in some of the main international festivals such as Cannes, Berlin or San Sebastian.

What makes this festival different?

In its last edition, from 13 to 19 March 2019, the attendees were able to enjoy 11 films of various genres and themes. The most outstanding ones were fiction, documentary and animation films approaching "deep and exciting stories about the family, society and the world of work in which portraits of women and men fighting for their freedom were the protagonists". All of them from French-speaking countries such as France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec or Tunisia.

In addition to the unpublished films section, the festival also hosted a second section: a retrospective consisting of 4 films dedicated to Agnès Jaoui, director, scriptwriter, actress and godmother of this latest edition of the festival.

Colloquiums in which guests and attendees could participate were also organized. The presence of Agnès Jaoui, Catherine Corsini, director of Un amour impossible, and Pierre Deladonchamps, actor of Le vent tourne and Les chatouilles, was particularly noteworthy. At these screenings, the audience, directors and actors of the films were able to exchange ideas, opinions and questions about them.

On the other hand, one of the most original aspects of the event is the award ceremony that took place at the end of the festival. As a novelty, in this second edition a critical jury made up of journalists as María Adell, Marta Armengou, Philipp Engel, Eulalia Iglesias and Pere Vall awarded one of the prizes "Innovation and quality".

The second prize was awarded by a young jury composed of high school students, and the last of them given by the public. The fact of giving attendees the chance to evaluate the best films as a jury of the competition reflects the intention of this festival, which gives them the opportunity to stop being just spectators.

A partnership with strong bonds

NuvoBarcelona and Ohlalà! are a unique partnership:

Both in NuvoBarcelona and in Ohlalà! we bet for quality and authentic projects with soul. Attention to detail and exceeding expectations are essential pillars for both organizations.

In addition, the incorporation of new ideas in each edition of the festival, without losing its original welcoming essence, reminds us of the innovative attitude of our Real Estate group - boutique.

In NuvoBarcelona we include in our projects the latest technologies (domotics, aerothermics, noble materials...), but always preserving the original characteristics of the properties that make them unique. Original from the outside, renovated from the inside: a unique concept that aims to preserve Barcelona's cultural heritage. Cinematographic and architectural works are part of the heritage of the cities where they are created and also a reflection of them.

In fact, in the festival as in our boutique, the appreciation of art and culture are two main axes, either from the cinematographic or architectural point of view. The beauty of art gives authenticity and originality to everything we do, project and build.

One of the aspects that also connects us to the French-language film event is devotion to our French cultures and roots. We are proud of where we come from and who we are, but we also want to show it to the world. The feeling of belonging is combined with the internationalisation desire.

This cosmopolitan essence is present in Ohlalà! and its selection of award-winning international films, as well as in our portfolio of clients from all around the world. With a special relationship with French-speaking countries.

Finally, another key factor that brings us closer is the personalized attention and care of the customer experience. Ohlalà! takes care of the attendees of the event with professionalism and closeness. They become the most important players in the event with the possibility of being a judge in the films evaluation or of interacting in the colloquium with renowned people from the cinema world. After all, it is the details that make the difference.