The healthiest country to live in Europe


When moving to a new country there are a number of things to consider. Education, public healthcare, the weather, living expenses and quality of life are the first things that come to mind. Moving to Spain is certainly an attractive choice when considering all of the above. In 2013 according to a 20 year study published by the Lancet a reputable medical journal; Spain was rated to have the longest life expectancy in Europe of 81.5 years which essentially is a reflection of the quality of life. Unlike the UK, Spain is drenched with sunshine which encourages people to go outside burn calories and generally live a more active lifestyle.

It makes common sense. If you lived next to a beach you would probably be more inclined to step outside, soak up the rays, and take advantage of the warm climate. There are also other activities on offer, in Barcelona for example it’s also easy to head to Collserola mountains and spend the day hiking or riding mountain bikes. All of these activities do wonders for well being which is important when working in the hustle bustle of a busy city. Which in Spain is still very much apparent. Barcelona, Madrid and other major cities in Spain generally stick to the 9am - 6pm office work culture, so there is no escaping rush hour. However unlike London, it’s more tolerable. Half an hour riding a bike home along the beach in the evening Barcelona sunshine, is certainly a better remedy to a hard day’s computer staring than an hour stuck on the Piccadilly line. Still thinking about moving?

Spain is the largest producer of fruit and veg in Europe and the Spanish diet is renowned for its health benefits as well as culinary excellence. The cuisine has been awarded the intangible cultural heritage designation by UNESCO, due to the combination of  fresh seasonal ingredients, olive oil, vegetables, and simple cooking style. Spain has fertile lands, in Andalucia, Navarre, Murcia, Balearic Islands, and regions of Valencia which is particularly well known for citrus fruits. Spanish wine is also known for it’s health benefits,  and the Spanish regions Rioja, Ribera and many other are highly accredited. The nutrient rich Spanish diet is one of the key underlying factors of why Spain is the healthiest country to live in Europe.