Feng Shui Tips for comfortable living


At NuvoBarcelona we renovate properties to create luminous luxury homes, carefully in keeping with the classic Catalan design Barcelona is famous for. Apartments are spacious and comfortable living spaces designed by our in house team of architects and interior designers. The ancient art of Feng Shui help to balance and harmonize the flow of energy in your home to create good vibes and benefit your lift. However, you do not need to make huge changes. Here are a few simple tips to encourage the flow of good energy and get rid of the negative energy in your home.

Create a heart in your home

Home is where the heart is, especially the room where you spend most of your time this may be the dining room, the living room or the kitchen. This is where everyone lives and energy mixes and is released into the rest of the apartment. It is important to ensure this space is an attractive and calm area to live in. Have a beautiful centrepiece which is relevant to your values, and inspiring for those who spend their time there. Try not to keep too much clutter or over decorate the room as this can create an chaotic vibe.

Keep doorways and stairways clear

The doorways, corridors, staircases and entrances are an important part of how energy flows throughout your home. By getting rid of clutter in these areas energy in your home runs smoothly and this will also be reflected in your life. People, opportunities and progress enter your life through the main entrance and is it important to keep this area clear. Avoid keeping shoes, coats and umbrellas near the main entrance, and do not hang coats on the back of doors. Also ensure there is no furniture stopping the door from opening completely. If you clear this area you will see how your life will flow more smoothly.

Dirty Laundry

Laundry baskets are full of stale energy and it is important not to keep dirty clothes in the same room where you sleep rest and rejuvenate. Do not let dirty laundry accumulate as this stale energy will also be reflected in your life. Keep up a regular laundry cycle and find a place out of the way for your laundry basket. Also, change your bedsheets every week to keep energy fresh, improve your dreams and your lovelife.

Create a Trashcan, and clear old unwanted possessions

Similar to laundry, old unwanted stuff can easily accumulate over time. Once a month go through everything you have accumulated and have a clearout to ensure you only keep what is necessary. Also have a trashcan on every floor so all garbage is kept in one place. Be sure to empty your trash can on a regular basis and keep it clean.

Clear out your wardrobe

Be honest with yourself about your wardrobe. Do your really wear everything you have? Create a pile of clothes your have not worn in a long time and get rid of everything you know you will probably never wear. The key to keeping your closet organized is to having less clothes. It is especially important to get rid of the items you do not even like, and these objects create a negative energy in your home. Keep track of everything you wear regularly by dedicating a space for those items in your closet and donate or give away what ever does not makes its way to the regular use pile.