NuvoBarcelona has a new ally, Rimbo


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NuvoBarcelona joins forces with Rimbo to make it easier to rent without extra deposit

Rimbo handles the additional guarantee of the rentals and allows to optimize the rental management for real estate companies, offering the highest protection in the market for the owners, and facilitating accessibility and security to the tenants. Rimbo's pioneering technology allows NuvoBarcelona’s tenants to pay online their entrance fee instead of the additional deposit, leading to immediacy.

This alliance is a faithful reflection of NuvoBarcelona's commitment to the digitalization of real estate processes, a trend that is increasingly on the rise due to covid-19.

This partnership brings a triple benefit:

-for the owner: The owner gains in security, has more coverage than with the traditional additional deposit (since with Rimbo you get up to 2 and a half months) and also assures the payments (if the tenant stops being solvent, Rimbo is the one who pays for him).

-for the tenant: The tenant should not advance any additional guarantee that in many cases is not recovered. He can move in/out quickly and comfortably without having to save such a large amount of money. He pays a reduced one-time fee or a monthly payment; and he would pay the additional deposit only if there is damage, and not before. 

-for NuvoBarcelona: it allows us to rent faster because it is more attractive for both tenants and owners.

The idea of NuvoBarcelona and Rimbo is to make the sector more honest and to create trust. As there is a platform that intermediates everything is done with more security, to protect each party and mediate, as well as to avoid late payment or default.

Moreover, Rimbo was awarded in the "Barcelona New Economy Week" as the most promising startup in the real estate sector at a state level. Rimbo uses Open Banking technologies that allow them to filter in a very fast way and to know the solvency situation of each tenant.