A new star is born


The famous star will bring thousands of people to the foot of the world-famous monument to see it at the top of the Sagrada Familia.

Last Monday the famous crystal star arrived at the Sagrada Familia, a new icon that changes the city's skyline. The installation of the star is a historic event, as it is the last piece to be added to the second highest tower of the monument.
The figure measures 7.5 metres in diameter and weighs 5.5 tonnes. Over the past few weeks work has been underway to assemble and mount its core, which is shaped like a dodecahedron with 12 pyramidal star points emerging from each side. Built with textured glass and a steel structure on the edges, the crystals will be illuminated by the sun during the day and at night, we will see the light from inside with spotlights installed at its base.
The star will shine 120 metres above the city of Barcelona and will be illuminated every night from its inauguration on Wednesday 8 December in a celebratory event. The presentation of the new icon will be accompanied by a series of events that will last until well into January. The event's programme will include "Castellers", concerts, masses, school competitions, popular dances and exhibitions so that the Sagrada Família will not only be perceived as a tourist monument, but also by local admiration

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