NuvoBarcelona and Turó Park Dental & Medical Center


Providing comprehensive support: the alliance between NuvoBarcelona and Turó Park Dental &Medical Center

Give yourself every bit of support that you can while moving and investing, to maintain your overall health and wellbeing. Moving to another country, or simply moving house, is objectively one of the most stressful things to do. Our team at NuvoBarcelona understand this, therefore we are partnering with Turo Park Dental & Medical Center in order to support our clients in the most comprehensive manner possible.

Turó Park Dental & Medical Center stands out amongst other healthcare services as it houses a large, and growing, multidisciplinary team with specialists across the board; from dentistry, pediatrics, and cardiology to COVID testing, gynecology and plastic surgery. Each patient will be looked after by an entire team, who collaborate to make the best referrals and to find solutions for the patient. Unlike other local healthcare services, the clinic offers same-day appointments and is open 7 days a week and on public holidays, allowing patients to access doctors at times that suit them, rather than having to adjust to the schedule of medical professionals.

This unique partnership seems natural. Our real estate boutique provides you with top-class support for your move and investments, from an international and multilingual standpoint. Complementing this, our partner Turó Park Dental & Medical Center offers premium healthcare with international doctors and dentists who are highly qualified, culturally sensitive and multilingual much like our team here at NuvoBarcelona. Together, we work to support you and your family to settle into Barcelona with comfort, ease and good health.

NuvoBarcelona work with you in your real estate development journey so that you can access across-the-board services from project management of custom renovations, analysis of project profitability from investment to rental management: taking care of everything so that there is no need to worry. However, we know that moving is tough and often involves stress and instability, in this way, the partnership allows our international clientele to feel secure and supported in their health and dental needs.

We are proud to announce this partnership between two experts in the service of health and real estate, both with multicultural and linguistic skills. This natural alliance will greatly benefit our shared international expatriate clientele, helping them to feel at home with premium treatment in your native language

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