NuvoBarcelona's participation in the FacetoFace Bcn


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NuvoBarcelona's participation in the FacetoFace Bcn congress with Real Estate

Face to face Bcn by Mónica Galindo is a company that organizes architecture and architects events in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Granada, A Coruña and Palma de Mallorca.

It is a conference where different speakers from the real estate sector in Barcelona attend and make a presentation on the solutions to the new paradigm of the sector, followed by a debate where the different speakers participate together with 1 moderator.

The three-day event (February 23,24,25), had five speakers per day, a moderator per debate and a very limited capacity, where only the most exclusive professionals could attend.

FacetoFace Bcn shows itself with a very particular slogan "REAL ESTATE in capital letters, a tailor-made future"


TheNuvoGroup, present at the conference

CEO and founder of TheNuvoGroup, Arad Edrey-Lavie participated in the FacetoFace Bcn conference on February 23, providing his vision of the current situation in the sector.

For TheNuvoGroup they were unique conferences that are in accordance with the values ​​and positioning that it seeks to show and therefore FacetoFace Bcn gives us a vision from different perspectives on the current situation that the sector is experiencing and how to face the different challenges that are emerging.