Your Guide To Property Sale In Barcelona Made Easy - Summary

Property For Sale In Barcelona – The Definitive Guide - Summary

To help your real estate agent complete their job there are a number of steps you need to take, this will help to ensure your property for sale in Barcelona is attractive to potential buyers:

A for sale sig is a must, otherwise how does the person down the road know that your Barcelona property sale is on?

Let your agents have the keys. This will encourage short notice appointments. The more people that come through the door the more likely it is you’ll get a sale.

Light the house as much as possible with natural light. Keep all internal doors, curtains, shutters open and use mirrors on your walls to bounce the light round your home.

Complete small repairs. Although you are looking to get your property for sale in Barcelona the better the overall condition the easier it is to attract a buyer. In fact small repairs that are not completed can put off buyers as they will wonder what large repairs have not been done.

Cleaning your house and removing any clutter is essential. You need your buyer to see the property in all its potential and to feel themselves living there. Removing your clutter and having a clean house will help with this!

Creating an inventory is important if you plan to include some of the furnishings. This will ensure a potential buyer knows exactly what is included and there are no misunderstandings later in the process. You might be surprised at how many sales fall through because something as simple as a painting was thought o be included when it wasn’t!

You need to consider the likelihood of you being present when the sale is going through. This means if you live in a different country or travel a lot you may find it difficult to be there for the sale. If this is the case it is wise to grant a power of attorney to your lawyer. This will prevent your Barcelona property sale being held up or lost because you could not be there. You will still be able to handle all the negotiations via email or the phone but your lawyer can ensure the deal is closed properly.

It is essential that you understand your tax position. If the property for sale in Barcelona is a second property then you’ll almost certainly be liable for capital gains tax. Your lawyer and real estate agent should be able to advise you of all the relevant tax implications to ensure you account for them when completing your Barcelona property sale.

Get the order right! Your agent should do most of the work and lead the team until the buyer has committed to purchasing your property for sale in Barcelona. The responsibility then switches to your lawyer to handle all the legal matters and resolve the sale as quickly as possible. You can aid in this by contacting the right person and directing queries, if necessary.

You should be prepared to consider carefully when an offer comes in, or a counter offer. Your real estate agent should be able to help you decide whether they are likely to choose a different property or not; which will help you to understand how strong your negotiating position is. In addition when you have property for sale in Barcelona you need to be certain what is included in the price you’re negotiating. It is much better to be clear at the outset than to lose the sale to a small understanding later on.

Summing Up Your Property For Sale In Barcelona

Providing you find a good real estate agent and a lawyer you can trust then dealing with a property for sale in Barcelona can be a straightforward process. This will help you to have the right advice and an objective viewpoint at every step of your Barcelona property sale.

In turn this will make the difference between completing the sale or not.


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