Property For Sale In Barcelona – Gracia and Horta Guinard

Property For Sale In Barcelona – Gracia and Horta Guinard

The pearl of Catalonia, Barcelona has a developed infrastructure together with great heritage. Around 8 million tourists come to see Barcelona. Many of them are willing to buy properties here. In general, square meter of Barcelona apartments in most popular city areas vary from 3.2 to 5 thousand euros. Most demanded districts to find property for sale in Barcelona are Gracia and Horta Guinard.

Property for Sale In Barcelona - Gràcia district

This part of Barcelona is perfect for those who like to relax and do not like crowds of tourists. If you hear someone talking about ‘Montmartre of Barcelona’, you can be sure this is about Gràcia. Property for sale in Barcelona’s Gràcia costs from 3 to 5 thousand for m2.

Property For Sale In Barcelona - Gracia

It is very attractive for youth, particularly young representatives of bohemia from different parts of the world. This area is seldom visited by tourists although plenty of different open-air events are held here, especially in Plaça del Sol. You will hardly find a chain supermarket in Gràcia, a paradise for farm markets and little shops managed by locals. This is also the place where a famous movie festival called La Festa Major takes place and famous Parc Güell is located.

This part of Barcelona is probably the most convenient Barcelona district to live in. Although it is near to Barcelona centre (not more than 10 minutes using public transport), it is not overcrowded with tourists. If you are looking for Barcelona property for sale, pay attention to this area, but keep in mind that the demand exceeds supply greatly. The three areas - La Vila de Gràcia. Vallcarca and La Salut - are in greatest demand among foreigners. Why? Because Parc Güell is within a stone's throw of them.

Property For Sale In Barcelona - Horta Guinard district

If you have a family, Horta Guinard suits you best of all. The prices here are lower than in Gràcia, between 2.2 and 2.5 thousand for sq. m.

Property In Barcelona For Sale - Horta Guinard

Property for sale in Barcelona’s north-west suburb of Barcelona is not so expensive because it is not rich in landmarks. You can hardly meet a tourist there. So, if you are seeking for a peaceful atmosphere and want to be close to locals, Horta Guinard is the right choice.

This Barcelona part is full of huge parks and gardens. The biggest of them is more than 20 times larger than Central Park (New York, USA). You can also see lots of hills and amazing landscapes here.

The area is mostly inhabited by families and retired people. The best place to look for rather chip Barcelona property for sale is El Guinardo. Prices here are usually not higher than 2.5 thousand for m2. Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, recognized by UNESCO, is the most famous sight of El Guinardo.

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