Flats In Barcelona For Sale: Cuitat Vella and Eixample

Flats In Barcelona For Sale – Cuitat Vella and Eixample

Beautiful Catalan capital Barcelona is a city which combines well-arranged modern infrastructure and great historical heritage. Every year Barcelona attracts millions of tourists and some of them buy properties here to settle here.

In general, one sq.meter of Barcelona flats cost not less than 3.2 thousand euros last year, however prices fro some flats in Barcelona for sale are much higher and exceed 5 thousand euros for sq. meter. More often the flats are bought by visitors from EU countries as well as from China, Japan and Russia.

Some Barcelona areas are traditionally popular among the buyers, for instance, Cuitat Vella & Eixample.

Flats In Barcelona For Sale - Cuitat Vella

This territory is perfect for real estate investments. First, it is the most ancient territory of Barcelona and it is full of places and things to visit, for example, Parc de la Ciutadella and famous La Rambla. Second, averagely, a square meter of real estate here costs 3.4 thousand euros and this is not too high.

Ciutat Vella is made up of 4 parts: El Raval, Gothic Quarter, La Barceloneta and Sant Pere — Santa Caterina i la Ribera. The last one has the most interesting flats in Barcelona for sale to invest in. While Ciutat Vella has lots of things and places to visit, it is not the best part of Barcelona to reside in as the views are sometimes spoiled by old bad-looking buildings, some places of it are accessible only on foot, but the main reason is huge number of tourists and lots of immigrants. While having almost the smallest population in comparison to other Barcelona parts, Ciutat Vella has the biggest amount of immigrants, mostly from Pakistan. Here you can discover good flats in Barcelona for sale available, but they are unlikely big and modern.

Barcelona Flats For Sale - Cuitat Vella

El Raval

This territory’s reputation is far from perfect and you are unlikely to find many sights to see here. While the territory has the biggest quantity of policemen in the streets, the situation here is gradually changing to better. Before El Raval was an underprivileged territory but now bohemian youth prefer to live here, and great cafes and restaurants situated mostly near the Boqueria Market attract locals and tourists. Also, there is something to visit here, for example, Gaudi’s Palau Güell, Barcelona’s Opera House, some museums together with temples and churches.

Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter constructed in the Middle Ages is the place of Barcelona mostly visited by tourist that want to see medieval architecture and feel the atmosphere of the past. If speaking about flats, it is not the best choice because of lack of conveniences, very narrow and windy streets, water and electricity supply issues. Of course, you can come across well-planned modern flats for sale in a refurbished building, but they will cost you a fortune. But, if you plan to rent the flat bought, maybe, Gothic Quarter is a good part for you as it always full of tourists and it won’t be a problem for you to rent your flat.

Sant Pere - Santa Caterina and La Ribera

This part is situated parallelly to the previous one and leads to the seashore. The territory situated at the very coastline is called El Born. Despite the fact it has almost no sights, it is usually full of tourists because of its welcoming aura created by plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes, on top of festivals. All the interesting places of the Old City along with Citadel Park and the zoo are almost around the corner. But it's better to live here than in the mentioned above parts as the streets are wide and clean, apartment buildings have big and wisely planned flats.

La Barceloneta

This territory is a coastline part of Ciutat Vella having lots of restaurants where you can try delicious seafood and local wines. Most restaurants are put along the 7-kilometer line of beaches having marvelous sand. Earlier the territory was inhabited by fishers and dock workers, and the traces of the past are still alive in its architecture. If you are looking for flats in Barcelona for sale you can try to find it in renovated buildings near the sea, but you should keep in mind that the further buildings are located from the sea, the worse are the flats. An apartment here will hardly have room size exceeding 40 square meters.

Barcelona Flats For Sale - Eixample

This territory is the largest residential area of Barcelona where prices range from 2.5 thousand euros to 10 thousand euros for m2. It is split into several parts listed below.

Flats in Barcelona For Sale - Eixample

Eixample East

This plot of Barcelona land is full of little shops and big shopping malls, markets, cafes and restaurants, schools and gymnasiums, museums and other places of interest. Transportation is perfect. The territory is linked with all parts of Catalan capital. Passeig de Gràcia full of boutiques is the border between Eixample East and Eixample West. Avinguda Diagonal represents the northern border of the district.

Local streets are parallel and perpendicular to each other, but local blocks of flats are of octangle shape which influences the planning and space. Price of a sq. meter here is not less than 4 thousand euros. In this part it is not difficult to find buildings constructed by Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Domènech i Montaner their architecture battles turned the place into something strange but beautiful. Unfortunately, there are too little parks and gardens there.

As most buildings of Eixample are old you can easily find here flats with three- or even five-meter old-fashioned ceilings and floors covered with tessera. The main disadvantage of the territory is the fact that almost through 50% of all windows you will see internal patios which are like airshafts. So, the dearest flats for sale are on the upper floors where there is less noise and more light. Usually one sq. meter costs 30% more in these flats. If you want to purchase a flat in a new building, be ready to pay 10 thousand euros per every sq. meter of its space. The closer your building is to Passeig de Gràcia, Rambla de Cataluña or Avinguda Diagonal the more your flat will cost. But only in a few blocks from these streets and the prices become more buyer-friendly: 6 – 7 thousand for a square meter in a new flat and about 5 thousand for a sq. meter of a secondary market home.

Eixample West

This is the territory where campuses of two main Barcelona universities are situated. It is also famous for its cafes, bars, and clubs.

Flats for Sale in Barcelona Eixample West cost 15–20% less than in Eixample East, but prices here are strongly influenced by flats’ locations. Prices are higher near Balmes street and Avinguda Diagonal which are the border with Eixample East.

Sagrada Família

This quarter is a neighbor of Eixample East. It took its name after Gaudi’s unfinished temple, perhaps, the only remarkable place to see here. If you are going to purchase a flat within the territory, it will be easier for you to find it somewhere not far from the Avinguda Diagonal.

Sants - Montjuïc

This is the greatest territory where you can find one of the most important Mediterranean ports, and Mount Montjuïc. Lots of interesting places are concentrated in the part: museums, architecture masterpieces, theatres, cinemas, Mount Montjuïc with a beautiful panoramic views, green parks, and famous botanical garden. Here, in Sants area, you will also find the largest shopping mall of Barcelona, and the railway station connecting Barcelona with the capitals of Spain and France

Underneath Montjuïc there is El Poble Sec neighborhood. This territory has a good infrastructure together with transport system connecting it with all Barcelona parts. This is the reason why it is so attractive to those who want to buy some real estate. Unfortunately, most residential real estate is represented by old buildings, and local authorities do not have any plans to develop this part of Barcelona, so the prices here are not so high. Usually they are about 2.5 for a square meter.

There are some blocks where gypsies and immigrants live, so, choose among the flats in Barcelona for Sale accurately.


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