Case Study - Renovated flats in Barcelona for sale

Case Study


The key to a successful renovation project is pre-planning, organization and constant communication. Taking into account these three essential elements, NuvoBarcelona managed to transform a plain property into two elegant apartments.

Combining wood tones with white palettes is a good way to make a simple space more interesting and give some texture and richness. White walls and wooden floors impose a calm color scheme and add warmth to the interiors. It is a winning combination you cannot go wrong with. When it comes to cabinets, the color white dominates in the kitchen, offering a clean and sleek look. The properties are provided with modern kitchens and bathrooms featuring tiled walls and floors.

These completely renovated and thoughtfully designed properties are sure to please.


Dating back to the beginning of the 20th century this building has been witness to over 100 years of history. The beautiful building boast unique character and historic charm. It is located in the district of Eixample, only 4 minutes’ walk from the prestigious Paseo de Gracia.

NuvoBarcelona managed to split an old apartment in poor condition into two and transform the units into beautifully designed apartments. After 3 months of hard work with our team of architects, constructors and interior designers we managed to make the distribution and transform the units into elegant properties.

The property has undergone a complete makeover, it has been restored and refurbished to showcase its modern design. Each detail has been individually cared for, from initial design plans to final product. The use of neutral colors helps to make the most of natural light, visually expanding the rooms and making any space feel bigger and brighter. Repeating patterns, materials and colors will bring a clear sense of unity and adds consistency to a design.


How to convert an old 190m2 apartment with low light and poor distribution in a luxurious contemporary design apartment plenty of natural light, with large spaces and high quality finishes?

NuvoBarcelona has been commissioned to carry out the renovation of an apartment located on Rambla Catalunya, one of the main shopping and trendiest streets of Barcelona. It has been a challenge for NB that has managed to transform this apartment in a luxury design apartment combining the gray and white with the warmth provided by the wooden floor.

This modern cosmopolitan and avant-garde apartment is pure design. Distribution, perfect through communicated spaces, praises renovation that takes advantage of the space, perfect work solutions and top interior design. Impossible not to fall in love with this property with views over Barcelona and the Sagrada Familia.


NuvoBarcelona had a challenging project to split a former criminology school into two apartments. After hard work we managed to make the distribution and transform the units into elegant apartments.

Fontanella 14 lets you to enjoy the classical combination of clean white walls and wooden floors. These 2nd floor apartments are modernly decorated with soft and neutral colors that blend perfectly with standout features including the original high ceilings. The stylish interior is highlighted by stunning finishes like hardwood floors, fully equipped modern kitchen and elegant lighting. The properties are thoughtfully designed, exuding the perfect combination for contemporary and elegant living.

Located in the Heart of Barcelona, Fontanella 14 is ideal for residents who would like to experience the real city life.


NuvoBarcelona managed to split an old apartment in poor condition into two and transform the units into luxuriously designed apartments. The properties are located in Avinguda Diagonal, only a few minutes walking distance from the prestigious Paseo de Gracia.

The apartments feature many original details like exposed brick walls and Catalan vaulted ceilings that are coupled with modern renovations. The spacious dining room adjoins the modern open-plan kitchen with high-end appliances. The master bedrooms are luxurious retreats featuring walk-in closets and tiled floor bathrooms with top quality finishes.

These apartments in Diagonal 462 are designed to the highest standards and define sophisticated luxury living.


NuvoBarcelona was up for a challenge to renovate an old apartment in poor condition and transform it into a modern-day 3-bedroom property.

While it retains original features like Catalan vaulted ceilings and beautiful mosaic tile flooring, this apartment has been updated for a sophisticated luxury living. When focusing on taking advantage of the space we have used useful features, for example, the large sliding doors allow you to divide open areas or close off rooms when you want to create privacy. Doors with glass panels are a smart choice if you want to create a bright look and let light through to the rest of the apartment.

The walk-in closet in a master bedroom offers a great storage space and a sophisticated look. Consider the walk-in closet for a practical and stylish way to organize your storage space.


Perill 19 is an exclusive apartment development located in the charming district of Gracia, in the Heart of Barcelona. The district is only a few minutes walking distance from Eixample, Paseo de Gràcia and Gaudi’s famous gardens.

NuvoBarcelona carried out the full renovation of the apartments in poor condition and transformed them into exclusively designed properties with the highest quality finishes. Each residence is refurbished from the ground up, in order to create breathtaking space of simplicity and luxurious well-being.

Perill 19 has been stylishly renovated by prestigious Spanish architects Javier & Gabriel Barba. The properties boasts top interior style inspired by modern and traditional Spanish design, allowing you to enjoy the stand-out features including beautiful mosaic tile flooring and beamed ceilings. Apartments include high-end kitchen appliances and bathrooms with top quality finishes.


NuvoBarcelona carried out a complete renovation of the property located in Travessera de Les Corts 361 in order to transform the space into a thoughtfully designed apartment.

Barcelona apartment is fitted with oak parquet floors, providing a feeling of warmth and comfort. To create the illusion of greater space we have painted the walls and trim the same paint color. Eliminating the delineation between the walls and wooden floors with white paint will allow the living space to remain frameless and make the room feel bright and light.

The formal dining room adjoins the modern open-plan fully equipped kitchen with top-of- the-line appliances. The bathrooms are paved with ceramic tiles and feature top range sanitary elements. 


How to upgrade a dull 171m2 penthouse and turn it into a bright modern apartment with urban design?

NuvoBarcelona carried out the renovation of an apartment located in Rambla Catalunya between Gran Via and Diputació Street; with less than 3 minutes walk to Plaça Catalunya. It has been an interesting project for NuvoBarcelona to transform this 7th floor level with two floors penthouse into elegantly designed modern apartment. To bring out the modern design we used the timeless combination of clean white walls and wooden floors. The added wooden staircase showcases the style implemented in the apartment and therefore plays a significant role as a design element.

This exceptional penthouse with top interior design has a lot of natural light and very large indoor and outdoor spaces. It is graced with two renovated terraces with wooden floors; access to 27m2 terrace facing northeast from the living room and 35m2 terrace facing southwest on the second floor.


NuvoBarcelona carried out the renovation of an old apartment in poor condition with low light and transformed it into beautifully designed 97m2 loft.

The exceptional loft is refurbished from the ground up in order to create spacious interior with plenty of natural light and to offer an elegant well-being. The interior has been painted white, stylized with traditional and modern Spanish design features to make the loft look more unique. When focusing on taking advantage of the space we have used smart design elements, for example, the sliding doors allow for an increased perception of space while giving residents the opportunity to separate certain rooms as required.

Located in the Gothic neighborhood, the most historical District of Barcelona, Santa Anna 27 is ideal for residents who would like to live close to the liveliest places of the city.

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