Barcelona Luxury Apartments For Sale – Les Corts and Sarria-Sant Gervasi

Barcelona Luxury Apartments For Sale – Les Corts and Sarria-Sant Gervasi

Amazingly beautiful Barcelona is the heart of Catalonia. It has a developed infrastructure together with great heritage. Every year about 8 million tourists come to see Barcelona and lots of them fall in love with the city and buy real estate here.

On average, square meter of Barcelona apartments cost not less than 3.2 thousand EUR last year, but prices of luxury apartments for sale in Barcelona are much higher and exceed 5 thousand EUR per m2. More often the apartments are bought by visitors from neighboring countries along with by natives of Germany, China, and Russia.

Most demanded districts to buy apartments are Les Corts along with Sarrià–Sant Gervasi.

Barcelona Luxury Apartments for Sale in Les Corts

Great part of Barcelona luxury apartments for sale with prices reaching 9 thousand EUR for m2 is concentrated here. This territory consisting of three parts is also perfect for buy-to-let.

Barcelona Luxury Apartments in Les Corts

Les Corts

Les Corts is two-in-one. First, it is an attractive residential area where you can find some of the best luxury apartments for sale in Barcelona. Second, it is a businessl centre where offices rub shoulders with inhabited buildings. Approximatey 46 thousand people live in this part of Barcelona and 10 % of them are foreigners (when average value is above 17%). Common residents of Les Corts are native families having much bigger income than usual residents of Barcelona. This part is comfortable and developed enough. You can find a planty of cafes, shaded streets and parks, great shopping malls (e.g. El Corte Inglés) along with many little shops in this part of Barcelona.

La Maternitat i Sant Ramon

This is the second of the three mentioned above parts. It is also the place where the FC Barcelona Stadium is situated. Camp Nou (name of the stadium) can accommodate 100 thousand spectators. If you are going to invest in buy-to-let, probably, this is the part which suits you better because football fans and students along with tourists usually rent flats in La Maternitat i Sant Ramon.


This is the territory where high cost Barcelona luxury apartments for sale are concentrated. Pedralbes together with Sarrià-Sant Gervasi form so called Zona Alta where you can find luxury houses with big land plots and swimming pools. The prices per square meter ranges from 4.5 thousand EUR to 5 thousand EUR and sometimes can exceed 9 thosand EUR when it comes to luxury mansions with bigger floor spaces.

Pedralbes is a really quiet part of Barcelona inhabited by people having incomes twice exceeding incomes of common Barcelona citizens. About 16 % of Pedralbes residents are foreigners from other European countries. This part is a home for the Royal Polo and Tennis Clubs and several beautiful parks and gardens are situated here, for instance, Servantes Park famous for the rose collection it has.

Pedralbes is also the place where best international and business schools and their campuses are situated (e.g. British Kensington School and ESCADE). One of the best-known landmarks of the territory is Royal Pedralbes Palace, the place where the King of Spain used to live.

Barcelona Luxury Apartments for Sale In Sarrià–Sant Gervasi

Barcelona Luxury Apartments For Sale

If you are seeking for luxury apartments for sale in Barcelona - keep your eye on Sarrià–Sant Gervasi, the most fashionable Barcelona part where magnates, celebrities and richest sportsmen live. The floor space of local houses usually exceeds 500 square meters and the price of one square meter is not lower than 5.5 thousand EUR. If talking about apartments, they usually have terraces and parking. Price per square meter can reach 8 thousand EUR.

Among the landmarks of this Barcelona part are Tibidabo hill with the Expiatori del Sagrat Cor on its top, Francesco Pérez-Cabrero and Pau Casals, which shops are full of designer brands and CosmoCaixa museum. There are also some international schools in the territory with the English Oak House School among them. If you are going have good meal and fun, you can visit a local restaurant or a night club.

Barcelona Luxury Apartments For Sale - The Right Choice

Barcelona is an excellent choice when looking for Barcelona luxury apartments for sale. Many people consider the second largest city in Spain as one of the most beautiful in the world! It is certainly recognized around the world for its contribution to culture, design, fashion and even science. The fact that it is also a buzzing, vibrant city makes it essential that you find luxury apartments for sale in Barcelona. You will be part of a city with an international reputation and a history that goes back thousands of years.

Why A Barcelona Luxury Apartment Is Right For You

Barcelona is a beautiful and exclusive city. There are pockets of development that are dedicated to luxury apartments for sale in Barcelona. It doesn’t matter if you want an apartment or a mansion, there will be something to fit your taste and budget. Just contact the local real estate agents to see the full range of luxury apartments for sale in Barcelona. One of the best places for Barcelona luxury apartments for sale is NuvoBarcelona.

This is a company which is fully registered with the state and has earned a glowing reputation. They will offer you the very best customer service while searching the markets to find the right Barcelona apartments to match your needs.

Better still you’ll find that they will monitor the market and even actively chase properties to find you the perfect example before others have even seen it. They promise to be at the very top of the luxury apartments for sale in Barcelona to ensure you get just what you want.

Every detail is paid attention to as they handle everything for you, leaving you free to focus on finding the right property and sorting the necessary funds.

The Service

Some real estate agents simply find you a property and then leave you to get on with it. But this is not the case with NuvoBarcelona. They are dedicated to guiding you through every step of the process. All you need to do is provide the information they need as they request it and they will keep you up to date with the terms of the sale; right up until you sign the final purchase documents.

It doesn’t matter if you are leasing, buying, investing or looking for a commercial opportunity. They will help you to find luxury apartments in Barcelona that meet your needs.



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