Ready to Buy Apartment In Barcelona? Find Out How To Do It!

Are You Ready To Buy An Apartment in Barcelona?

Have you been considering whether it’s time to buy apartment in Barcelona? Well, consider no more! There are many good reasons for looking through the apartments for sale in Barcelona. But, if you are considering taking the leap it is important to remember that the process to buy apartment in Barcelona is different to other countries.

Before you dive in head first be sure that you understand each of the steps involved:

Do You Need Resident Status To Buy Apartment In Barcelona?

If you’re looking to buy a holiday home then you don’t need to be a resident of Spain. Although you will find the process easier if you’re already a European resident.

However, if you’re intending to live in one of the apartments for sale in Barcelona for more than 183 days a year, then you need to be a resident. This means removing yourself from the legal ties of your home country and adopting the practices of Spain, including registering with the local authority.

Know Your Facts

In Spain, when you are ready to buy apartment in Barcelona, then you need to understand the local price, the tax implications, and the likely fees associated with the purchase.You will usually find that apartments for sale in Barcelona need to have % added to their sale price.

To ensure you choose the right apartment for your needs you need to visit as many as possible in one visit. This approach will let you understand the pricing and quality range of apartments for sale in Barcelona.

You will need your own lawyer. The notary in Spain is only responsible for ensuring the paperwork is correct, they will not act on your behalf. A lawyer will ensure your rights are protected when you buy apartment in Barcelona.

What Do You Need to Know Before Buying Apartment in Barcelona

It is essential that you visit a bank and create a new account for yourself. You cannot buy apartment in Barcelona without it! You will also need to visit the local authority to get a foreigner identification number. Have these ready before you start your search for apartments for sale in Barcelona.

The Process of The Purchase

The initial process is completed verbally, this means that anyone can change their mind or accept different offers. You need to move quickly, from the moment your offer on an apartment has been verbally accepted you need to get a reservation agreement created.

This document reserves the property for you. You will need to pay a deposit but it is advisable to keep this to the minimum €100 as you won’t get these funds back if you pull out.

As soon as the agreement is in place your lawyer and the seller should be made aware of each other. They can then start the legal process. Once your lawyer has verified that the sale is genuine and can be completed you’ll need to get energy certificates and make sure that the property is legally habitable.

Then you’ll have to sign the purchase agreement and pay the proper deposit. This is usually 10% of the value of the sale and again, you won’t get it back if you pull out. The agreement should specify when the date of completion will be, any inconvenience which could have been avoided can be liable to a fine, so proceed with caution! When the final contract date arrives you need to visit the notary to make it all official and then pay the remainder of the funds. The property is then yours!


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