Barcelona has become one of the most appealing cities in the world

Spain is the 3rd International Tourism Destination in 2014 after France and USA
( France 83.7m, USA 74.8m, Spain 65.0m )


Tourism is growing in Spain more than anywhere else in the world
(Top 9 Destinations: Spain +7.1%, USA +6.8%, Russia +5.3%, Turkey +5.3%, UK +5.0%, Germany +4.6%, Italy +1.8%, France +0.1%)


Barcelona is the Most Visited City in Spain


Barcelona has been named 11th best destinations in the world in the eight annual Travelers' Choice awards for Destinations


Spain is the Country in Europe where Tourists spend the most
(1st USA, 2nd Spain, 3rd France, 4th China, 5th Germany)